Global Talent Search 2016

I decided to enter the Global Talent Search this year. The brief was to design a cup and napkin for a client who is opening a café in her pastry shop. There were lots of images from Fortnum and Mason, and Liberty to give us inspiration.

After going some sketches (below) I was playing around with the idea of an overgrown secret garden, which then grew into the idea of afternoon tea in an old overgrown Victorian conservatory full of old statuary, and wire plant stands and furniture. I wanted to keep the colours fairly limited and include gold trim on the cup or saucer as a nod to a lot of traditional tea cup designs. I spent a couple of days in the unhappy valley where it wasn't coming together as well as I hoped but I persevered and in the end really enjoyed working on it.

It occurred to me afterwards that the 2 cups I designed are almost summer and a winter. It wouldn't be too difficult to extend that out and create spring and autumn colourways.