June Bootcamp - digital nomads

The final assignment of Bootcamp was for the editorial market. We had to design an image for this article about being a digital nomad. Digital nomads are people who make use of the internet to work outwith a traditional office.They might work from home, or in cafés and libraries, or they might travel and work from abroad. 

I ended up doing two versions. The first is a mildly ironic take on the what to wear to the office spreads that appear in magazines. I played with the idea that this was a new and different type of office where sunscreen or gloves might be essential office wear.

I really liked the shape of the map in the first one and wanted to see if I could develop it further. The sketch for the second one happened pretty quickly, then when I thought about using the little wi-fi symbol the whole idea fell into place quite soon after that. I ended up submitting this version as I think the image is more editorial and that perhaps the message is a little clearer.

You can see the full gallery here.