April Bootcamp


I'm not really sure why, but this month's Bootcamp was a real struggle for me. I was spending a lot of time not getting very far and by the end of last week I was considering not submitting at all.

The brief was to design a poster for Lilla's Global Art Gathering event in Brighton this year. We were given dimensions, a palette and copy to be include, but otherwise were left to our own devices.  

The focus in the first week had been lettering so that's where I started. I thought I'd do a poster that was all about the lettering. I worked on some lettering but it didn't work for me, so I decided to start bringing in some architectural details from the Brighton Dome (the venue), but then I realised I didn't want to use the building so literally. So I went a bit more concept-y;  air balloons, secret garden doorways with possibilities beyond, hands in the process of creating etc.etc. but still nothing was really gripping me.

By Thursday night I'd more or less given up. The work being produced by the rest of the group was fantastic and I felt I'd ran out of time to do anything. I was most annoyed about the amount of time I'd wasted so decided to try to redeem that by at least getting something decent for my portfolio.

If I kept it simple and used the lettering from my first version I thought I might just be able to pull something together. I don't know where the idea for a Sun came from, but it wasn't leap to turn it into a compass which worked with the idea of the event; travelling, gathering, orientation, finding direction, artistic journeys .....

I had planned to use my own lettering but when I placed the official MATS lettering to get an idea of layout it worked so well I couldn't not use it (also after all the handwritten skinny tallness, I'm really liking round fonts just now). I added some texture and filigree then played with the colours a bit, but in the end it all came together incredibly quickly.

Here's some of the rejected rough sketches.

* You can see all the submissions here.