Holiday reading

One of the things I like about staying in a holiday cottage is the eclectic selection of books and magazines I often find there. They usually fall into two categories; the left behind holiday reads, and the overflow books from home that the owner has used to furnish the cottage. The overflow books are always the most interesting. They're usually quite old so the front covers, endpapers and illustrations are always worth a look.

The cottage we recently stayed in was also used by the owners as a holiday home, so it had a fantastic selection of books. The subject matters ranged from sheep breeding to buying antiques, and there were lots of books from the early 1970s. I didn't have time to look through them all (there was a whole shelf of Dennis Wheatley's) but here's a selection of some of the more eye-catching ones. (I think you have to be from the UK and of a certain age to appreciate what a BIG DEAL the tilting train on the cover of Know Britain was at the time).