Bootcamp - January

Don't know if it's the Downton effect, but his month's Bootcamp prompt was Edwardian brooches. I love jewellery, the first proper grown up text book I ever got was about jewellery, and one of my most treasured possessions is the nicked -by-my-mum (although she would have put a deposit down for it) loan catalogue from the 1977 Faberge exhibition at the V &A.

After doing some research I realised I was more interested in the shape and structure of the brooches than the jewels that they held. In particular I liked the organic shapes and vine-y construction of plaque de cou (translates as neck plaques ...... not so poetic). I thought we would be designing for bolt but as we were asked to use our ideas to design a journal cover I felt that a focal point was needed.

There were some bird brooches I liked so I decided to marry the two up. Since I'm trying to make an effort to be brave with brights I chose Chinese yellow as my key colour and as a result the whole thing started to take on a French, Chinoiserie feel which I tried to work with when doing the hand lettering.

As usual with Lilla's prompts, this one was a rich and varied source of inspiration. You can see other people's designs in the class gallery here.