End of MATS and a holiday

I had to finish my last MATS assignment early because we were going away for the first week of the Easter holidays. We were to create a zipper pouch with a hyper lush pattern based on a collection we had. I used some of the brooches I'd collected (virtually) but not used for my Bootcamp assignment. I knew time was tight so decided to keep the shapes simple and the majority of the design symmetrical. I planned to submitted it on Thursday morning but our internet went down, so between packing I played around with the presentation and created a phone cover and notebook to go along with the zipper pouch.

This was the second time I've taken MATS A and it was completely different this time. It was far less stressful, knowing the general end point of the assignment meant I could sketch with an end use in mind and that made a huge difference.

Last week we were up north staying on the Moray coast. There's lots of little fishing villages strung along the coast but we only went as far as Macduff to the east and Findhorn to the west. Our house for the week was a fisherman's cottage built in 1910 which had views out to the Moray firth. We had great weather all week and were treated to wonderful sunsets and managed to catch sight of the local dolphins from our kitchen window.

I think we'll be up there again at some point as I'd like to get along the coast to Pennan (where Local Hero was filmed) and the whisky distilleries, which seem to be every couple of miles, need further investigation.