Digital collage

Back when I was still working with traditional paints I used to build up my paintings using layers of transparent watercolour and ink. Because of the drying times involved, these paintings were incredibly slow to complete and, because they had to dry flat, working on several a once, took up lots of space.  This was before I had children so it was easy to work round these problems, but I wouldn't be able to work like that again, at least not without a dedicated studio space.

When I first discovered Photoshop a few years ago I could see there might be a way of working like I did before but without the space and drying time issues, and this was the week I decided to give it a go.

It was the Wall Art week of MATS.We were assigned 2 colours, in my case blue and pink, but could use unlimited neutrals. We also had to include at least one flower and one word.

I had a folder of drawn and painted shapes which I'd created for other projects but hadn't used, so these were going to be my collage pieces. I've also built up a good selection of home made textures and Photoshop brushes which I planned to use to bring a painterly quality to the collage. I had some rough composition ideas sketched out, but I just put on my audiobook and started working. I really enjoyed the process and ended up exploring a few different versions.