Trying to get back into the work groove



I'm really struggling to get my head out of holiday mode. Over the holidays I made a point of avoiding working on the computer but I ended up swapping one screen for another - the telly :D These days I don't regularly watch TV, I tend to save it up then binge on it. So Xmas was all about Broadchurch (dark), True Detective (even darker) and then topped off with Mapp and Lucia, which I loved ... I think I've watched 3 times now.


I first read the Lucia books in the1980s when my flatmate Heather loaned me her copy of Mapp and Lucia. I bought myself all 6 books and, although they're now falling to bits, I still read them at least once a year - it's like my annual holiday. I was looking forward to the new series but, because I love the books so much, I was also worried that it wouldn't work. It was fine though, I smiled all the way through and the sets and costumes were great. I'm hoping they'll do more so we can meet Olga and some of the other characters.


So now all the Xmas decorations have been put away, well apart for that bit of tinsel that I keep forgetting about on the light fitting, and it's time to get back to work. To kickstart the year I signed up for Bootcamp again. I focus better with a framework to work in and around, so the monthly briefs are perfect. I'm also taking Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD). I won a place on the course after taking part in their free summer school. I'm not exactly sure what I have to do for it but M2 focuses on the business aspect of designing which is something I was planning on focusing this year, so quite nice timing.