Map week

Last week was editorial week in MATS. We had to do a map of a place we knew, so I did my home town of Linlithgow, in West Lothian, Scotland.

I really struggled with the map assignment the last time I took MATS. I think I tried to include too much, I needed to edit more. This time I only included a few buildings and worked more on the design. It took me a while to decide on how to render my design but in the end (and because I was running out of time) I went with a monochromatic lino print-ish drawing. 

You can see my working process here - from the original sketch, through to working out the design in a single colour. I also created a short 2 minute video showing how the design developed. You can see the ink sketch and blocked in colour sketch flicking on and off as I use them as reference in the final drawing.