Oh, well ...

... so much for posting regularly ... things got busy; good busy, not bad busy, so I shan't complain. 

One of the things I finally got round to doing was clearing up my social media. When it gets to the stage where your heart sinks when you see how many updates you have on Feedly, or you don't go on Pinterest because you're bored of seeing the same old pics of succulents and random hairstyles coming round again and again, you know it's time to take action and clear out the stuff that's not relevant any more.

Now I'm seeing the stuff I want to see and it feels simpler and not so overwhelming, and it's far less time consuming.

During the process I started to understand the logic of subscribing to and sending out newsletters. I signed up to quite a few but I've also decided to start sending one out. So, if you'd like to receive my short monthly newsletter about what I'm working on or the themes I'm looking at, you can sign up using the form on on the footer at the bottom of the page.

Apart from working on some client projects, I've been enjoying working with paints again (see below) and I've also subscribed to Skillshare, which so far has been really fantastic - really interesting and informative seeing other people's work process. I've also been watching a bit on Periscope. It can be interesting but it's very time consuming, so maybe not something that's going to become too regular.